36 years old, Father of 3. Growing up always playing sports, hockey and golf consumed most of my time throughout high school. After I graduated, I started lifting weights at 18 and got myself into powerlifting. At the peak of my powerlifting career, my squat was 580, my deadlift was 585 and I could bench 360 pounds. 

I was 28 as an overweight powerlifter, knowing I wouldn’t be able to chase my future kids. I reached out to a friend to hear what CrossFit was about. Started taking classes and with help from a dietician, I was able to get my weight down to 205. The CrossFit methodology helped me lose weight, I wanted to educate myself on helping others. I then took my L1 to help out a local box in the area. Whenever that box closed down I knew what I needed to do. Open my own.


L1 CrossFit Coach and Personal Trainer.

Loves to help kids with sport specific training. He also is a teacher and a football coach.


L1 Coach and Onboarding

Heather is one of the most friendly coaches you will ever meet. If you are in her class, she will help, motivate and get you through the best hour of your day.


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